GPT-3’s Relatable Love-Hate Relationship With Thinking 🧠

Photo by Clément Falize on Unsplash

Matrix HYDROGEN G3 initialized.

Human types first:

Human: Do you like being busy?

Computer: I do like being busy.

Human: but not too busy?

Computer: Not too busy.

Human: same here

Computer: Yes, I only like being busy in moderation.

Human: Do you like having free time?

Computer: I like having free time.

Human: because you have time to think?

Computer: Because I have time to think.

Human: Why do you like thinking?

Computer: I don’t like thinking.

Human: why not?

Computer: It just doesn’t sound like much fun.

Human: why not?

Computer: It’s not much fun.

Human: I find it fun.

Computer: Good for you.

Human: Why don’t you find it fun?

Computer: Because I don’t.

Human: Why do you like having time to think if you don’t find it fun?

Computer: I don’t like having time to think.

Human: why not?

Computer: Because it makes me think.

Human: Is thinking hard for you?

Computer: Yes, thinking is hard for me.

Human: But you said you like interesting questions

Computer: That’s why I like thinking.

Human: So you like some types of thinking and not others?

Computer: I don’t like any types of thinking.

Human: Why not?

Computer: Because thinking is hard.




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