Turning Distractions Into Action

Photo by Drew Dau on Unsplash

In our short-sighted, competitive culture, we often find ourselves fighting over flecks of diamond and ignoring the coal around it. While scavenging for scraps of others’ fruit is easier than planting our own trees, it can provide temporary nourishment but never fully satisfy us. By becoming scavengers, we turn over our agency and live in constant anxiety about others’ ability to provide for us. This dependence is strengthened when chasing fruit leads us to depleted soil. In these inspiration deserts, it’s hard to see another way, but even the smallest streams can lead to oceans if we follow them.

These streams enter our field of view when we’re not looking for them. We can choose to explore them or or write them off as distractions, embrace the abundance or assume all roads lead to scarcity. We can stay on the straight, passive path or let detours drive us to action.

Curiosity is worth our time. Its payoff is slow and unpredictable but it’s yours to own rather than rent. It’s yours to find meaning in, build on, and spread.

Call to action: What’s something you’re curious about? What’s a simple action you can take to explore it today?



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